Training in Altus? Here are two great reasons you need to consider a crash pad.

If you are coming to Altus, Oklahoma for training or as a new assignment, you are likely going to be looking for temporary housing until you get settled. There are lots of reasons to consider a crash pad for your stay.

The first reason is obvious. Comfort. As we said in our Altus crash pad is created for comfort post last week, on-base options are not always full of amenities. Don’t worry, Aviator’s Landing Altus Crash Pads are.

Second, you are not alone. If you have not yet had the privilege of coming to our base for training, get ready for wide open spaces. This city is surrounded by farmland for 45 minutes to an hour in each direction before the nearest neighbor. So when there is weather, downtime, government shutdowns, or other delays, you are going to be spending some alone time if you are staying on-base. At our crash pad, your housemates will be in a similar position and will understand what you are going through. Sometimes that’s all it takes to reduce the stress of flying solo.

Why else have you used a crash pad in Altus? Tell us in the comments below.

We look forward to supporting your next stay in Altus. Contact us today to make your reservation.