Learn More from FAQs for Aviator’s Landing Altus:

Simple, there are no out of pocket costs to you. We only charge the on-base lodging rate. We will send an invoice to you on the 15th of each month for you to pay with your card of choice (most people use their GTC). Then once your training is complete, you can use the monthly invoices to file your DTS claim.

Yes. We will email you a lease agreement for you to sign. The lease reserves your room for the entirety of your stay in Altus. Because we run this as a rental and not a hotel, this is necessary. The dates of the lease are flexible to account for any delays or early check out as necessary.

We do not accept any pets in our crashpads. We have this policy to reduce any allergy issues or unexpected home or property damage from pets.

Yes! We pay a $100 referral fee to you if you refer a future tenant to us. We will pay you the $100 once the new tenant has signed their lease.

Yes, but remember there are other people living with you; all with the intention of being comfortable and maximizing their training. So if its OK with them, its OK with us.


Funny you should ask! There’s a PDF right here for you to reference that contains the full regulations.

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